Demonte Colony – Review

Rare Scare

(Demonte Colony – Review)Demonte-Colony


Srini (Arulnithi), Vimal (R J Ramesh), Raghavan and Sajid, all
friends, reside in Pattinapakkam housing board colony. Intentionally,
they check out an abandoned bungalow in their neighbourhood.

The bungalow’s mystery-history is that a Portugese businessman called
Demonte stayed there. When he tries to make a royal chain to his wife,
he realises that his wife becomes mentally ill. And worse, she is also
made pregnant by one of his servants.

Demonte goes on a killing spree and finishes off all the workers. His
spirit is still at work in the bunglaow and murders whoever goes
there. Now that the friends are in, they are get murdered by one after
another. What’s next?


Kudos Arulnithi for picking variety stories right from Vamsam. And a
bouquet to debutant director Ajay Gnanamuthu for presenting a bold
story in his very first attempt itself.

At a time when the entire industry is running behind eerie comedies,
the director has stuck to eerieness only. Yes, Demonte Colony is a
spine chilling horror thriller.

Arulnithi delivers goods with measured performance and others too
perform well. The foreigner who has enacted the role of Demonte.
Cameraman Aravind Singh and debutant music composer Kebra Jeremiah are
solid strengths.

On the flipside, the director takes too much time to establish
characters. But he should lauded for carrying out intense research to
make Demonte Colony an interesting movie.

Demonte Colony is recommended for those looking for a different
entertainer. If you expect romance, comedy, commercial stunts and
other elements, sorry, this film is not for you.

Verdict: Good

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