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(Kaaka Muttai – Review)Kakka-Muttai


Brothers Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh) and Periya Kaaka Muttai (Vignesh) (there are called so because they steal crow eggs), live in a single room hut with their mother (Ishwarya Rajesh) and grandmother.

They lead a life of extreme poverty as their father is in jail for some crime.  The boys who have discontinued schooling collect charcoal from the rail tracks and sell them to earn a few bucks every day.

A pizza shop opens in the neighbourhood and the boys crave for the foreign dish. Did they achieve their dream of tasting pizza forms the rest of Kaaka Muttai.


A red carpet welcome to director Manikandan, who has delivered a touching story, without missing on the commercial elements. In other words, watching Kaaka Muttai is an experience which one should not miss.

The young boys have performed well and they have delivered goods like seasoned actors. Ishwarya Rajesh excels in a character without makeup. Watch out for a worthy cameo by Simbu.

G V Prakash’s music gels well with the script. Manikandan has handled the camera too and he has emerged triumphant as director as well cinematographer.

Last but not the least, the appreciations go to Dhanush and Vetrimaran, who have produced the film. Both National Award winners, they have picked a subject that is need of the hour.

Move away masala cliches and commercial potboilers, here comes Kaaka Muttai which is strikingly different, interesting, engaging and touching too.

Verdict: Good

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