Palakaattu Madhavan – Review

Man, money & more

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Madhavan (Vivekh) quits his job as he earns less than his wife Lakshmi (Sonia Aggarwal). To make easy money, he adopts an elderly woman (Semmeen Sheela) as mother, as she earns Rs 25,000 per month as interest alone.

Troubles start for Madhavan from here and he is made to run from pillar to post. At point of time, his adopted mother decides to move out.

Only after that, Madhavan and his wife realise ther follies and try to mend things. Is he successful in it or not is the crux of Palakaattu Madhavan.


Palakaattu Madhavan reminds us of many Visu and Bhagyaraj films (even the title is the name of the character played by Bhagyaraj in Andha Ezhu Naatkal).

Vivekh has added his own touch of humour (he takes a comical dig at some contemporary issues) and most of them evoke a smile. Sonia Aggarwal makes a decent comeback.

Semmeen Sheela delivers a matured performance, while others in the cast, including Manobala as pestering manager, are adequate.

Though Palakkatu Madhavan tickles the funny bone to an extent, a mega serial feel prevails all through. Director Chandramohan is not flawless in his idea, but he could have added more flavour to it.

Rating: Average

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